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Hey everyone, long term reader first time poster. I’m attending AGDQ this year and will be here the whole week, not sure if there’s any other stimhackers who are interested in speed running, but if you’re attending the event as well let me know. They have a card game room set up and be nice to play some games in meatspace


Awesome! What is your reason for attending AGDQ? I would love to go there, I used to live right down the road.

Going to spectate, love speed running and hanging out with some friends from out of state and country. So all together just a nice vacation.

Used to run a ton of GC and SNES games, but ESA was always closer to home.

I’ll sure be watching this year again though, always a great event, even on stream

I’ll go to one of these things one day. Its been on the bucket list for too long =(