AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World - by rotomappliance

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How about using whirlpool and then an unrezzed ice to force the runner into an ambush?

Edit - looks like that card rotated out. Maybe labyrinthine servers then


Whirlpool is in the revised Core set. What you describe could be tried, but I suspect needs alot of effort and wouldn’t fire as often as you’d like. Excalibur encourages an AI breaker which could be used to break Whirlpool, and runners usually run with a pretty full hand against Jinteki to steal Obokata if they access it.

For some reason the link to Navi Mumbai City Grid in the Loch Ness Monster decklist actually goes to Ibrahim Salem.


Highly sophisticated decklist scripting error. Or I can’t read numbers. You decide. (Also fixed)


I just want to add that tags from IP Block and News Hound remain strong for the same reasons that Scarcity of Resources is strong: runners are playing a lot of resources.

Gud deck. I’ve got wrecked by Ag enough on Teki to fear it.