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Agressive Shaper(Kate)

In my opinion, most shapers in the current meta are playing decks that are way too focused on building an end game rig. I think a shaper deck should look something like this if you want to win.


2 Crypsis
3 Gordian Blade
3 Ninja
3 Corroder
3 Data Sucker

3 R&D Interface
3 Rabbit Hole
2 Dyson Mem Chip

3 Sure Gamble
3 Modded
3 Diesel
3 The Maker’s Eye
3 Quality TIme

Resources: 8
3 Kati Jones
3 Underworld Contacts
2 Armitage Codebusting

Simply put, you need to be able to set up a rig and run very agressively in the fast advance meta. I mentioned this deck on stream today so I figured posting up a sample decklist would be a good idea.

I like this idea, and I agree that Shapers need to focus on more early pressure.

Some thoughts:

We should play Indexing. Indexing is one of the three best shaper cards, imo, and excels at early aggression.

Given that C&C is getting very close, I think we should include spoiled C&C cards. Self modifying code is strong, and combos with stimhack. It lets us cut out duplicate breakers and save influence. We could play 1 Corroder, 2 Yog, and 1 Mimic 1 Femme (or 2 of one of those), for 6 influence total, with 3 self modifying code. Then, we could add things like Stimhack, Desperado, etc.

I agree, Indexing is very strong. Out of curiosity what are your other 2 picks?

I’d probably say R&D interface, Indexing, and Personal Workshop.
Though, Personal Workshop is more conditional, and best in Anarch, and requires you to not get tagged. Its insanely powerful in the decks that want it though. For cards that are simply good in almost everything, stuff like Diesel and Quality Time would be up there.

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I disagree with this sentiment, every time I have played with indexing I wished it was a Makers Eye. I would Rate indexing as about the 10th to 15th best Shaper card currently. It only really punishes when your opponent is playing poorly or is not drawing ice.

I think you’re either missing the point or are not utilizing the strategy properly then. I believe Sirprim can attest to the potency of Indexing (or at least I think it was him). I played him the other day and my first Indexing followed up by Maker’s Eye cost him 6 AP, and my second allowed me to trash an asset and forced him to start drawing out of paranoia rather than clicking for money, which he desperately needed.

Firstly, the information gleaned through the access is invaluable, as it allows you the opportunity to counter the cards in advance, and can reveal the corp’s core strategies.

Second, it allows for sabotage in that you can place what the corp needs most last, be it econ denial or ice denial.

Third, it allows for agenda grouping, which makes multi-access that much more potent.

Three Indexing means 15 cards accessed: almost a third of the corp’s deck. A third of the total agenda points is 7, and in a given game, the runner typically will draw 2 of 3 available indexing by mid-game. All that’s left is to build around such a strategy, and luckily Indexing requires less set-up and strategy sacrificed than, say, R&D Interface.

For my personal deck, Indexing complements Crescentus, Paricia, Maker’s Eye, and Stimhack. It’s probably in my top 3 MVPs.

unless you play under a different name on OCTGN, I don’t think we have played recently. In fact I don’t recall playing you at all so far :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I play under the same name, but I forgot who it was xD My bad

No worries. Looks like we should schedule a match :stuck_out_tongue:

Im simply saying the people i play with defend r&d very heavily currently. So something like indexing is pretty bad and something like makers eye is very good in that situation

In my experience, there are three times Indexing pays off:

  1. Poorly defended R&D (duh)
  2. Prepping with TR/Femmes or Tinkering and money
  3. When the corp is about to score an agenda

If your deck is aiming to get an aggressive start, Indexing is the way to go, I think. Interface or Maker’s Eye are (relatively) more useful later in the game.

Anthony, question: why Ninja over Mimic?

Mostly just for versatility.