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All new stuff rezzed on octgn!1

I really mean it. “ALL”. Everything up through Data & Destiny.

THANKS DB0 :kissing_heart:


This is great! Though I strongly recommend that when searching for a game, you put that pack you’re looking to play up to (i.e. “LF Either (up to Old Hollywood”), or ask your opponent before you play if you can use non-legal cards. A lot of people use OCTGN to practice for tournaments, and want to play decks that will be representative of the meta, so as a courtesy, please be mindful when you want to play with unreleased cards.


Get ready to Film Critic some 15 Minutes!


I feel like if your looking for a game on octgn, the burden is on you to look for more tournament worthy games. I like playing with whatever new cards are out, and I hate joining a game that says looking for (either/corp/runner) and someone has a problem with playing non legal cards.

That is what I’m saying: the person who made that game should have put what pack they are willing to play with in the description, but they didn’t which lead to that frustration.