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Alt Art Cards on Jnet.com

Hi all!,

A few years back I kicked some money to jnet and had access to the alt-art cards, but now it seems like I’ve lost access to them. While I’ll be happy to “re-up” and put some more money toward the site, I was curious if there was a “end-date” for being able to use them.



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This is a known bug for a while. It’s being tracked here:

ah, thanks! I mean, in a Global Pandemic Hellworld Timeline, me trying to get some alt-art cards on a netrunner website should land somewhere near the bottom.

But those alt arts sure are sweet. :wink:

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Yeah, I’d love for the alt art to show up for my games as well. I do appreciate that @NoahTheDuke understands our desire and it’s good to know it’s being tracked. As you say, there are bigger things to deal with first.