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Alternate formats category?

Could we maybe have a category for alternate formats? I think there’s been a fair bit of discussion of, Cache Refresh, and the beginner-deck-only league in recent months. Plus BB45, though that’s been quieter lately, and occasional proposals for new formats.

There hasn’t been a lot of discussion of drafting lately, and drafting is an alternate format, so instead of a new category, one option might be to expand the scope of the existing drafting category to cover all alternate formats.


As team instigator, I wholeheartedly agree

Good idea. I have altered the drafting category to Alternative Formats.


Thank you!

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Much appreciated. We’re running a pretty big CR test at Euros to see how it goes. Depending on that and other meta’s opinions; we might push out v2.

what is v2? where to find info about it?