Always be Running vs. Wyldside

Wyldside- When your turn begins, draw 2 cards and lose a click.
Always Be Running- Your first click each turn must be spent to make a run or a play a run event.
Both installed:
Runner’s turn begins; you immediately lose a click. You then no longer have the “first click each turn” to spend on ABR.
Or is it saying the first click of my now 3-click turn must be spend on a run?
Or do I have the option each turn to utilize one of them? (Secretly hoping this one with low expectations)

The first click you spend each turn has to be a run. Wyldside doesn’t spend your first click, or any clicks for that matter. You simply lose a click.

So, your turn would start with draw two cards, then make a run (or run event).

If I initiate a run using Jak Sinclair can I not use Always Be running to break subroutines / not click through Bioroid Ice because I need to spend my first click to initiate a run?

Edit: 2nd question If I am able to, do I still have to initiate a run because I’ve already spent my first click?

Thanks. I was hoping that I lost my first click each turn and therefore I would move on to spend my second click as desired. You are stating that the emphasis is on the “spent” while my hesitation was on when “first” is evaluated; at the beginning of my turn or after I lose to Wyldside. Thanks for your help.

Second question: you must make a run whether you activate Jak or not. Jak makes a run without spending a click.

Edit: Not sure about the first question. actually. I misread things.

Always Be Running says “you can spend two clicks to break…” (emphasis added), it also says the first click must be spent making a run. So no, you can’t use ABR’s break ability during a Jak run.


In the future, the best place to ask one-off questions is: Official Rules Question Thread

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