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AN:R Card Title Quiz


This is really neat, @beyoken, made my day.

My brain froze up at 74 out of 108. WITHOUT CHEATING. List your honest to goodness score here! Thanks to @beyoken for the link on his newest video!


Aw drats ya almost doubled me 40/108


Forty-six. Forgot some that I see often, remembered some that I don’t think I’ve ever seen played. Brains are weird.


74/108. Definitely missed some that I should have gotten.


Next quizz is en-fr matching, yay ! :slight_smile:


This was fun! I got 81/108.



But I was too stupid to notice that you can scroll down. So I used up ~11 minutes on the first line (grid, project city data) and ~4 minutes frantically trying to get as much as possible from the remaining categories.


By the way: Security Testing is falsely categorized as Mini instead of Crim.


74 / 108. Took too long to remember Amazon Industrial Zone is indeed Zone and not Grid =p


As I only started playing toward the end of the sansan cycle I feel like I missed many of the cards that came out early and aren’t played a lot, I can’t even remember how poorly I scored, high 30s or low 40s. Of course definitely some I should have remembered, and some that simply were spelled different from what I thought, so I could not manage to make them appear :stuck_out_tongue:


Not only do all the region grids look same-ish, I also can’t remember their names properly. Mumbad City Grid and Mumbai Navi City Grid took me way longer to get down than they should have.



Thanks for the heads up! Fixed.


crap, I took it again, and got 80, but I got bored at the end and just gave up, missing ones that I previously got.

Also @beyoken, it seems you made this quiz, I wasn’t paying much attention clearly haha.


I got 55. Why are those grids so hard?


71/108. Some really weird ones I forgot, like WNP


Breaking News doesn’t work, as does Making News, 24/7 news cycle, news hound, director haas thomas haas, shall I go on?


I was bummed that I forgot Power Nap cause I adore that card.


Sad I only got 57, barely breaking 50%, but I love these quizzes! <3


I typed in navi and it instantly took, that’s weird.

@StashAugustine @moistloaf For reals. Me too.


Made 60ish on my first try yesterday, now it was 92 :slight_smile: