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AN:R Card Title Quiz

This is really neat, @beyoken, made my day.

My brain froze up at 74 out of 108. WITHOUT CHEATING. List your honest to goodness score here! Thanks to @beyoken for the link on his newest video!


Aw drats ya almost doubled me 40/108

Forty-six. Forgot some that I see often, remembered some that I don’t think I’ve ever seen played. Brains are weird.

74/108. Definitely missed some that I should have gotten.

Next quizz is en-fr matching, yay ! :slight_smile:

This was fun! I got 81/108.


But I was too stupid to notice that you can scroll down. So I used up ~11 minutes on the first line (grid, project city data) and ~4 minutes frantically trying to get as much as possible from the remaining categories.

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By the way: Security Testing is falsely categorized as Mini instead of Crim.


74 / 108. Took too long to remember Amazon Industrial Zone is indeed Zone and not Grid =p


As I only started playing toward the end of the sansan cycle I feel like I missed many of the cards that came out early and aren’t played a lot, I can’t even remember how poorly I scored, high 30s or low 40s. Of course definitely some I should have remembered, and some that simply were spelled different from what I thought, so I could not manage to make them appear :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only do all the region grids look same-ish, I also can’t remember their names properly. Mumbad City Grid and Mumbai Navi City Grid took me way longer to get down than they should have.


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Thanks for the heads up! Fixed.

crap, I took it again, and got 80, but I got bored at the end and just gave up, missing ones that I previously got.

Also @beyoken, it seems you made this quiz, I wasn’t paying much attention clearly haha.

I got 55. Why are those grids so hard?

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71/108. Some really weird ones I forgot, like WNP


Breaking News doesn’t work, as does Making News, 24/7 news cycle, news hound, director haas thomas haas, shall I go on?

I was bummed that I forgot Power Nap cause I adore that card.

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Sad I only got 57, barely breaking 50%, but I love these quizzes! <3

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I typed in navi and it instantly took, that’s weird.

@StashAugustine @moistloaf For reals. Me too.

Made 60ish on my first try yesterday, now it was 92 :slight_smile:

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