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AN:R The Boardgame?

My gaming group is playing AN:R again as a boardgame (prebuild decks, you just take one of the decks and are ready to go). I have built a couple of fun decks from the Honor and Profit era (cards from that time and before) I’ve built a deck for each ID (Except for Weyland Because we built it) and tried to use not overpowered cards and overall not overpowered decks and it is quite a lot of fun to just pick a deck random and play.

What is the current meta like? I watched a couple of games on Jinteki.net and it seems to me that the meta is more diverse then ever. Could we build a fun/casual deck for each of the IDs that plays a bit differently than the rest?

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Not entirely what you were asking, but you could take a look at Project Crow. A series of prebuilt decks designed to be played with each other that move players from beginner decks to current standard decks. Using just the final tier of decks seems like a good starting point, but the whole thing has been done very well. This is the third iteration of it. It doesn’t contain an NBN deck because there’s only 3 Runner factions.


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Thank you for the reply.

Let me rephrase the question:

Could we build “fun”/casual decks for each ID that play very differently from each other (in the current meta)?
I know SSO and Titan play differently enough for Weyland, but what about Jinteki, or Criminal etc.?

Short answer is: yes. I have not seen a specific list recently because by the time someone is willing to share such a list they spend a lot of time testing like @TheBigBoy did with his teaching decks from several years ago and @beyoken did with his after Revised Core set was released.

If you wanted to start on something like that, you could go to netrunnerdb.com and click on each faction (like for Anarch, go to https://netrunnerdb.com/en/faction/anarch) and take a look at the recent decks sorted by Identity and see which of the recent ones you think are causal/fun.

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Is there a list of the current NAPD/MWL IDs?

I looked through a couple of the decks on netrunnerdb already and except for criminal they look quite different.
And we can add Djinn+Noise, Prepaid Kate etc. to the mix, I think the overall power level has risen slightly, making the overpowered decks from old almost “playable”.

Having 70+ prebuilt decks ready to go sounds awesome (although I would need to print a lot of Sure Gambles, Dirty Laundrys, Daily Casts, Hedge Funds, IPOs and NGOs).

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The current MWL is here: https://nisei.net/op/supported-formats.

Useful site for printing cards: proxynexus.net

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You’re very welcome!

I imagine you’re trying to build decks for “Standard” which is the most popular format supported by NISEI that has access to the most recent cards (likely what was played when you were on jinteki.net).

If that’s the case, then pay attention to sets and cycles listed as “legal product”. Some sets/cycles have rotated like the original Core that had Kate and Noise, but I think you may be right that those decks are probably not too far off the the power level of current meta decks