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Analog Dreamers (Downfall Spoilers - Part 2)


As @RealityCheque admits himself he forgets to post these here. :smile:



Very interesting and cool article, I appreciate all the hard work that went into it. TBH Iโ€™m more excited now to see all the Deep Dream artwork than the commissioned artwork! Also was not aware of Krembler Cards, a lot of those are great, especially the CTM and Crowdfunding.

Seems like Lucky Charm can effectively break an ETR as printed? That seems like enough to prevent it from being too niche, although it seems like Border Control will be in the meta for a long time. Not sure the HQ clause was necessary to balance it, though; I had hoped we could get past that Criminal baggage in the next era.


It does in fact work on ETR subs. However, important note here: It prevents the run from ending. It does NOT break the sub. So, the sub still resolves. This is important for, say, Slee.


I think the HQ prerequisite is necessary to not completely invalidate stuff like Nisei tokens and any other way to click-compress runners. Iโ€™m still a bit sad of Lucky Charm being printed, especially at that point in the meta - it weakens one of the few remaining Corp win strategies and makes RP worse compared to Mti. Right now I just hope the Corp part of the cycle of Downfall introduces a few new, interesting Corp win conditions. I will see soon, I guess.


I agree with your analysis. Without a run on HQ it would be bonkers. So in that regard it reminds me on Maxwell early game. But not as good. Rez Tollboth?
on the other hand I see this might be required for Border Controll or also Nisei to make it possible to chellenge the remote.
And letโ€™s wait for the whole lot of cards before we complain