Analyzing Data from Worlds

Fantasy Flight posted this article analyzing data from worlds today.

@Alexfrog had this to say:

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I’d say that’s a very fair analysis.

I’m rather surprised Kate isn’t faring better competitively. I think there’s a lot of untapped potential in Katman decks that utilize Atman more as a tool akin to Femme rather than as a primary breaker suite.

Strongly agreed. Many Atman decks/players are stuck in the Desperado ghetto, where they spend 9 influence on a console they don’t really need and thus hamstring the rest of their options. An “Atman Deck” with 3 Datasuckers, 3 Parasites, real breakers as well as Atman, and Shaper recursion has been performing much better for me.

I tend to agree. Katman is still a strong baseline for a couple of the better players in my local area, and I expect that will continue. I wonder why it is still niche, though. Is it that it takes more finesse/experience to pull off? I haven’t really revisited it since my initial testing in the run-up to Nationals.

My best guess is that people either oversimplify it and only rely on Atman (which takes too long to set up), or they do the Shaper thing and over-complicate their setup with too many cogs or programs that are too expensive.

The outcome of both scenarios is simply not enough early aggression, which is clearly the single largest contributing factor to any competitive deck.

i think corporate econ being able to weather the criminal early game is the most significant change from opening moves -> now. if andy doesnt beat you quick and ice taxes get higher gabe’s id ability becomes very important in maintaining pressure.

the games my andy deck lost in the store championship the corps weathered the early game, took it to the mid and charged me a premium to take a peek in any central. i didnt have sneakdoor and the math on shutdown/siphon runs was not in my favor so i tried to win on the back of RnD interface. i found myself really wishing i had picked gabe and was stil rocking armitage. kati/daily casts/dirty laundry are all well and good if you are even or ahead of the corp but become very awkward when you fall behind which is not something that happened very often to my andy deck until recently.