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Here come the spoilers!



The Turning Wheel - I have Raymond Flint and The Turning Wheel installed. The Wheel has 2 tokens. I run on a remote and spend 2 tokens from The Turning Wheel. Corp rezzes a Grim. How many cards do I access from HQ? Also, what happens if rezzed ICE is Shiro and I don’t break it?


On a related note, has it been established if R&D Interface works with Shiro?


I hadn’t noticed it before, but The Turning Wheel makes no reference to a run on R&D or HQ during it’s paid ability, can you use it on a remote/archives run to access a card from HQ or R&D? I would assume not, but it doesn’t seem well worded.


You access 1 additional card from HQ and R&D.

Pretty sure it does. That’s one of the reasons (of many) Shiro is not played, right?

Yeah, it’s weird right? It’s missing the “Whenever you access cards from R&D…” text of RDI.


If it does work on any run, it’s INSANE. I’m having 7 in all my decks.


In order to access additional cards from HQ or R&D, you need to be accessing cards from HQ or R&D in the first place. Just running on a remote will not make you access cards from central servers. n/a + 1 = n/a


It does. EDIT: thought you were still talking about Shiro. Of course you can’t run a remote server and access cards from HQ, Jesus fuck.

It’s an incredible card, especially since there’s nothing preventing you from using 8 counters to access 5 cards, for an example. I like it. EDIT: OK it’s untill end of run, not end of turn. Why do you do this to me, hangover?


Depends on how you read it. You can read it as “additional card from HQ/R&D”. or just “additional card” from HQ/R&D. It’s really weirdly worded.


The word “additional” denotes an ability that modifies another ability or a game state. The additional ability is resolved simultaneously with any ability it is modifying, and under the same conditions as that ability.

You’re thinking about “in addition to accessing cards in the server, access 1 additional card from HQ or R&D”?


I’m thinking “In addition to accessing cards, access 1 additional card. It can be from HQ or R&D.” is a possible interpretation.


I fully expect The Turning Wheel to work ‘sensibly’, i.e. access 1 additional card from HQ when you access cards from HQ/access 1 additional card from R&D when you access cards from R&D. It’s not very well written though.


If I had to guess I would say that:

2 power tokens: For the remainder of the run, whenever you access cards from HQ, access an additional card from HQ or for the remainder of the run, whenever you access cards from R&D, access an additional card from R&D.”

didn’t fit on the card!


Can you clarify?


Does Political Graffiti make the agenda worth one fewer point or does it set the points equal to negative one?

I’m guessing by wording on cards like The Board that it’s the second, but it would be good to have confirmation


Nevermind, I was mis-remembering Crescentus’s text.


New spoilers! If you have any questions about these crazy new cards, send 'em this way :smile:


Can I Rebirth into one of the new draft IDs? :slight_smile:


Runner plays Political Graffiti and attached is to an agenda in the corp’s score area. Corp then plays Exchange of Information and places the affected agenda into the runner’s score area (Turntable works too). Is the condition counter active in the runner’s score area? Will it get trashed if the corp purges viruses?

Do we have any rule describing in what game zones condition counters are active?


The draft IDs say “draft only”, so unfortunately no. :frowning:


The corp has 1 bad publicity. The runner plays Corporate Scandal, giving him another one. The corp plays All-Seeing I. Can the runner choose which bp to remove, the original one or the one granted by the current? (similar to how the runner can choose to lose the memory granted by Deed Red when the corp plays Bad Times). So that after preventing the All-Seeing I the corp would have 1 bd, and after the current is trashed the corp would still have 1 bp.