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ANCUR Unofficial FAQ

Hey everyone, I am in the middle of preparing the unofficial FAQ updates for the data packs in the Mumbad cycle. With the Salsett Island announcement today, I thought it was about time to call for input from the community. What questions do you have about the cards that have been revealed thus far?

For reference, these are all the cards spoiled for Mumbad.

  1. Does Exclusive Party count itself? You know people are going to ask it way too many times.
  2. Can I use Raman when I have no clicks left to lose?
  3. The card put in archives by Raman - face-up or face-down?

Just a few not-easy things from the top of my head =).

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  1. I’d guess no, since the event is trashed only after it’s been resolved.
  2. Face up, runner needs to see it’s the same type.

Jeeves says that you gain a click “the first time you spend 3 clicks on the same action each turn”. Is spending 3 clicks to activate Melange or purge virus counters considered spending 3 clicks on the same action? Or must they be 3 discrete identical actions? What if you Biotic Labor + 2x Shipment from SanSan, spending 4 clicks on two of the same action?

Also, like The Collective, I’m sure people are going to ask what actions are considered “the same”. Is an ICE install different from an asset install, etc.

EDIT: Some more that I thought of after reading cards:

  • Clones Are Not People
    • Is the current still active if it is placed in the score area? If so, does it get trashed if an agenda is stolen, or another current is played? I assume it converts into a blank 1-point token agenda and its text becomes inactive, but I want to make sure, because I’m sure someone will ask.
  • Kala Ghoda Real TV:
    • Just to be clear: the corp gets to see the card, but the runner does not?
  • Mumbad City Grid
    • I assume the run continues from the original location of the ICE that was passed? i.e. The runner does not “move” their position
    • How does this work with Crescentus?
  • Mumbad Virtual Tour
    • If the runner does not have enough money, but has an active Imp counter, must they use the Imp to trash it? Or is the requirement only on paying the trash cost to trash it?
  • Raman Raj
    • This may seem obvious, but the wording makes it ambiguous enough: Are you allowed to look at the card before you determine if you want to activate Raman Raj?

Can corporate scandal bp be spent to prevent All Seeing I.

Assume answer is yes

What type of ability is Nero Severn, and how does it interact with a card like troll? IE, which ability wins.

I assume Nero Savern is like imp and that troll actually fires if you get to encounter phase

Can you use imp on Mumbad Virtual Tour?

Think yes, not sure

If the corp trashes Akshara Sareen midturn, does the corp lose a click?

Would assume yes. But can see people wondering.

Is that MaxX on Making an Entrance, and if so “WHY SO EMO?”

If not answered in faq, I will be very dissapointed

I believe, an install is an install. Same action. As far as purging, no, that is spending three clicks on one action, not 3 clicks on the same action, if that makes sense.

Not sure why this is being assumed. It’s not even remotely the same. As worded, it would let your ability fire before the Corp’s ice triggers. No troll tax.

Or did you mean if Nero doesn’t choose to use his ability?

When I first read Jeeves I thought it only worked on Melange and Purging and Elisa’s Toybox. This certainly needs to be clarified. It probably needs a fair amount of clarification.

So I think the confusion is that Nero is templated similar to Imp. However, Nero should work the same as Recon does. I triggers at the same time as a tollbooth tax or troll tax and as the runner is turn player their triggers resolve first.



You can’t use imp to defuse a Snare! or Junebug because imp is a constant ability. You can trigger once all of the mandatory “triggered abilities” actually finish firing during the access step. Similarly, Nero would need to wait until all “When encountering” affects end to be able to use his ability because the wording is exactly the same.

I’m not sure if it matters outside of the case of troll, but there might be something…

It matters for Information Overload.

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Eh, actually, I think I’m wrong.

It says “trash a card you access” where Nero says “when you encounter”. And that might put it in line with Femme fatale and Security Nexus.

(Templating! WOOO!)


Is it really due to constant versus triggered abilities? I thought the rule was in fact the opposite, that constant abilities have priority over conditional abilities?

Is it not that Imp “a card you access” relates to the period of accessing a card (and resolves when you would normally have the option to trash things within that period), rather than triggers such as “when you encounter” (or indeed “when you access”) which are resolved at the instant when the encounter (or access) period initialises?

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This was my point.

Imp is activated after “when accessed” triggers fire, during the access. Nero is accessed WHEN “when you encounter” triggers fire, not during the encounter, a la Datasucker.

I don’t think Nero should be compared to Imp. His text says directly “when you encounter a sentry.”

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Some more FAQ Questions:

  1. Can I use “Fall Guy” to prevent “Councilman” from being trashed? If so does Corp still derez the asset/ice?

  2. If I use “EMP Device” after the Corp rezzes an ice can they rez 1 more during this run?

  3. Can I use the click ability on “Executive Search Firm” to search for “Caprice Nisei”? (or What is a Character?)

  4. Does “Mumbad City Grid” make the runner encounter the same piece of ice multiple times?

Character is a new subtype being introduced with D&D. They seem to be public figures/personas. I think Stephen Colbert and Kanye West are IRL examples.

Yes I believe that is how Mumbad Grid works.

  1. Paying the rez cost of the rezzed card + trashing Councilman is the cost, otherwise you have not paid the cost. If you prevent it from being trashed, then it has not been trashed and the cost has not been paid. So you would not derez the asset/ice.

  2. Yes, “for the remainder” is the phrase that’s important. Think of it as: from here on out, they can rez only 1 more.

  3. No. She’s a Clone.

  4. Yes.

Mumbad spoilers will be showing up from draft packs today. Be sure to ask questions here to get them considered for the unofficial FAQ!

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apparently they won’t be :< :< :< :<