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ANCUR Unofficial FAQ


I wouldn’t say “easier”, you are spending a click per facedown, just like overdrawing, but you are not getting the extra card selection overdrawing gives you.

And if you’re comparing it to the abilities provided by a different asset rather than the abilities provided by the click reminder card, it’s waaaaaay behind Jackson.

But I mean, I can easily see him being a 1x for when you go down to few cards in hand and topdeck a shock you want to get into the bin.


The DBS ruling also means that the two together function as an overcomplicated and click intensive mechanism for a MOH-style possibility for infinite recursion. If MoH didn’t already exist, this would be fuel for loads of janky combo decks!


I believe the last time that happened, the biebs was still just a fresh faced YouTuber.


Nah, DBS still draws two and only puts one back. You don’t get infinite recursion. What you can get is a draw and a return of one card from Archives to HQ, rather than what you usually get which is just a draw.


Ah, right, good call. It allows for “unlimited” recursion in the sense that you can pull stuff out of the heap indefinitely, but you still draw faster than they go back. I guess it is “infinite” recursion the way PAD is “infinite” credits.


Can you 2x Shipment from SanSan with Jeeves?


Not unless you already have 4 clicks somehow. Jeeves gives you the click after you meet the condition.


subliminal -> shipment gains the jeeves click, so then have two for the second shipment