And another try: American Football @Worlds2016

Hej ho friends,

last year the awesome @spags organised the visit of an NBA game for us (mostly) Europeans.
This year, I would love to go see the Minnesota Vikings play. Luckily (at least for this cause) the Netrunner main event at Worlds takes place on Thursday and Friday, such that there should be hardly anything (other than non-interest) that keeps us from watching the Vikings play the Detroit Lions on sunday.

Who would be interested in going? Is there anyone of the US folk that wouldn’t mind organising it?
For us Europeans this is not as easy, I fear.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to a nice crowd to go see the game with!



I am tentatively interested in attending but not organizing

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Just a heads up that NFL tickets can be upwards of 10x more expensive than NBA ones, depending on where you are sitting of course.

SeatGeek is a good ticket aggregation site to help you guys out.

If you can get in on the Vikings tailgate before, I’ve heard that’s pretty crazy.

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In related news does anyone know when the Timberwolves regular season schedule is likely to come out?

In even more related news, Teddy B is done for the season. This crushes Minnesota’s playoff dreams. They can still make it but it’s very unlikely now it seems. It probably makes the financial side of going to the game a lot better. I’d love to go but I think the group I’m going with is driving home that day :frowning2:

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