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Android Deck Builder App Status


This is an update thread for the ‘Deck Builder for Netrunner’ android app. :partying_face:

The app is now under community stewardship and receiving updates! Crash bugs have been fixed, and MWL features have been added.

If you have ideas, issues, or want to get stuck in with some coding then post a comment here or use any of the following:


Latest version(s) released:

  1. fixes OCTGN file export crash
  2. fixes ExportAllDecks options crash


  1. Updated card list included with app install - fixes startup crash
  2. bug fix for apex non-virtual resource preference


  1. New MWL validity indicator
  2. Removed and restricted icons in card list
  3. Available packs can be set at deck level


This is great to see as I use this app a lot…

However in the options bit, under Rules it still says:
Use Most Wanted List [ ]
Reduces the Identity’s influence limit for when specific cards are included in the deck.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. As you have put in the part about restricted and banned cards, is there a reason this part is still there?


MWL 2+ rules were in limbo having been implemented in an old pull request when I adopted the project. I hadn’t done any android dev before, so I thought my first move was to make use of that code and roll out a release without trashing anything!

With the game in a ‘transitional state’ I also didn’t want to remove the old system, as both can live side by side, and I want the app to still be useful to players with an older or pre-rotation card pool.


Updated to v3.3.0:

  1. A new card browser with basic search and pack filter. Replacing the grid-view set browser.
  2. Error handling on deck load. any deck deemed to be in error (unknown cards) will not open, but will still be listed in the deck list.
  3. Fix: you can’t add cards past the deck limit e.g. philotic entanglement only allows 1 per deck.
  4. NOTE: Automatic data updates have been turned off to prevent imminent nrdb changes crashing the app…

System Core 2019 changes will probably need some coding to implement, and will come after nrdb updates due to likely data model changes.