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Android: Mainframe

What do you all think of FFG’s latest attempt at making an Android game? Will it do great and have a lot of expansions? Or will it end up like Inflitration?


It’s a strategic abstract as opposed to a push your luck game like Infiltration. I’d be surprised if we see expansions, but it looks like a good game. It’ll probably end up playing best with two but it’s nice that it goes up to four.

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I can very well imagine Runner mini-expansions to add new people into the mix, kind of like what Sentinels of the Multiverse does. FFG’s proven they can do it before, with the AGoT board game scenario mini-expansions, so I expect that those are a distinct possibility of the game sells well enough.

Which I think it probably would, actually, despite the mixed initial reception. The previous two games were released before Netrunner really exploded the popularity of the setting, and that alone should account for a good chunk of sales.

I might just get for the cool tokens :smile:

Looks shit.

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It’s a new edition of 2013s “Bauhaus”

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chaos theory’s name is Olivia Ortiz. I didn’t know that.


See what’s weird? The box cover shows the alt art CT while the game components show the regular CT image.

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yeah, looks like a more complex version of dots and boxes.

not feeling it lol

[quote=“Remorhaz, post:7, topic:6813, full:true”]
chaos theory’s name is Olivia Ortiz. I didn’t know that.
[/quote]yeah, i think it’s new for the game, which is pretty cool. mechanically, the game looks pretty meh to me, but i’m sure the lore stuff, like Infiltration and the Android board game, will be pretty cool, at least


I think it’s important to see what the blatantly retitled programs do before giving it a pass. I bought infiltration, I’d probably buy this to

Did anyone notice the spoiled signature programs on the page? Here’s what we know

Nero: Expert Schedule Analyzer
Noise: Parasite
Andy: Femme Fatale
Chaos Theory: IQ. Wait a minute, isn’t that an ice? Yes it is.

Maybe she came up for the idea of IQ inadvertently? She is both a genius and a child after all.

Keegan Lane was right!