Android RPG - coming to a mobile device near you in 2016

Just got wind of this:

Not crazy about the microtransaction model, but I’m still excited for the adaptation regardless.

Anyone else have more info?


Looks like it might be good, although I’m not completely sold.

It does appear to be in a VN style, which I like, being a veteran of the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton game series’. I wonder how the hacking will work; if it’s a more time-based action sequence or a slower take your time puzzle-based mechanic.

Thanks for the share, @Trenzor, I probably would not have seen this otherwise.

“We’re doing this like an action-RPG like Diablo or the new Star Wars: Uprising,” said Graham. “We want to make it fair where you can play the game and do missions and upgrade your equipment, but if you want to spend some money you can get in-game currency to spend to give your social group an edge in our special daily events.”

makes me want to say a big nope

And by encouraging players to spend money to aid their groups rather than themselves in a player-versus-player mode, Legacy is expecting it will avoid the dreaded “pay-to-win” criticisms.

makes me laugh and wonder if this whole thing is just a joke

Uuuuugh. Why can’t they just make a netrunner game? I would pay anything at this point!


yeah, pretty sure this will be garbage. I mean, I like the setting too, but you don’t see me playing Android, do you? no, because it’s not netrunner.


Have you ever tried it? It’s certainly not for everyone, but it is an interestng design.

ETA: I also just came across this.

Wonder (if anything) this will mean as to them ever making an actual tabletop RPG with the setting one day

I’m willing to cut the first announcement a lot of slack, mainly because I love Meg Jayanth’s work on 80 Days and think she’s a great fit for the Android universe. For those who aren’t familiar with that game, it’s an adventure game based off of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, but Jayanth and the rest of her team rewrite that part of history to be a little more steampunk, but also a world where many colonized populations get to be the heroes of their wars and revolutions. Women and PoCs get story arcs they’re frequently denied in the interest of “historical accuracy”. This article goes a lot more in-depth with what makes 80 Days so great, and I highly recommend the piece and the game.

Basically, this news is like telling me that Dark Souls’ Miyazaki is doing a science fiction game, or like the Amnesia: Dark Descent folks doing SOMA. I’m super excited to see this writer’s work applied to a different setting, especially since her sensibilities seem so in line with the spirit of the Android universe. I’ve also seen a lot of people who aren’t into the LCG get excited to have another way of engaging with its world. This is great, because this means more people with whom I can discuss Armand’s abs and they’ll know what I’m talking about.


Everything else aside, his abs are truly tier 1.


This thing reeks of cheap mobile cash-in. I learned my lesson with Dungeon Keeper. Probably better to just go play Shadowrun again and save myself the heartache.

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Oh shit they just don’t understand.
The reason why I fall in love with Netrunner is not because its cyberpunk setting,sure it’s cool,I love it,but the main reason and the only reason really matters is because **Netrunner is a well-designed and fantastic card game.**It’s well balanced and full of imagination,the cards themselves and the asymetrical system already constructed an interesting dystopian world.Netrunner is pretty much the only game I actually care about so much and if it’s not a well-designed card game,I won’t fall in love with it in the first place.
So why should I bother to play something that just some RPG with the same setting?


That being said. I just said those words. Whatever bullshit that comes after is meaningless.

That being said, I’ll probably at least download the game because I feel compelled to see if it makes me giddy for netrunner in anyway, and to blindly sorry FFG. If they don’t come out with a mobile netrunner game though, so help me god, I will go on a crusade to convince people to boycott this crap. Make me give you money FFG. FFS.

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I’m not against it but, beeing the competitive player I am, I already know that this isn’t a game for me. ^^

been playing 80 days per your suggestion, I have to say I’m definitely a lot more excited about the netrunner game now! especially if it adheres to a similar design philosophy as 80 days, I could see it being a lot of fun. It doesn’t stop me from being disappointed in a lack of tablet-based netrunner (the card game) but at least it seems like it has a good chance of being a great gaming experience (even if it’s not the netrunner game experience).

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wired picked it up. a little more info. this is not a Netrunner game at all. its based in the android universe.

dont recognize Legacy games and a little digging didnt bring anything up (which is worrying) it may be FFG employing a good writer and a cheap Dev.

im not getting too excited.

YESSSS that game is my jam and it makes my day that I convinced even one person to play it! I’m honestly hoping the emphasis is on the storytelling over their new representation of hacking, but we’ll see. Just based on skimming the writer’s tweets, it seems like she’s still heavily in the research mode and that dating options are on the table. :smile: