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Announcing Cube Draft support for Meteor

I’m pleased to announce a new Cube Drafting feature for Meteor. Now you can draft online with your friends then play on OCTGN, or just practice your drafting against bots.

Some of you may have had a sneak peek of this on d1en’s Twitch stream the other day, but now this is open to the general public.


  • Play the Stimhack Draft Cube or any other cube that you like.
  • Draft with 1-8 players, with optional bots to fill out the player count.
  • Customize number of packs and number of cards per pack.
  • Export your draft creation to OCTGN to play against others.



You need an account to play. To host a draft, just press “Host Draft” on the appropriate cube and then send the resulting link to each other participant.

To use your own cube, just build or import the list like a regular deck (using a draft identity), then press “Cube Draft” from the bottom of the deck page.

As always, let me know what you think or if you find any bugs. Happy drafting!


Awesome, thanks for your hard work! Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m going to try to get an online draft going for our casual play at Hollow Mountain and play the matches with physical cards.

You my friend, need a medal. Or a set of those stimhack tokens(what’s up with those btw?)

This sounds great! I can’t wait to try this.

stellar. ill try this at some point, cant wait.

Having played an earlier version of this, it’s definitely worth doing.

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We just tried to play a draft and it actually froze on pick 16 for us. We tried rehosting a new draft and the same exact thing happened; the host couldn’t pick a card for the 16th pick. The pick button appears, but no cards are displayed and there seems to be no way to proceed.

Hope you can figure it out, this is gonna be a blast once it’s fully operational :smiley:

Hey, how many cards were in were the packs you were using?

After finishing the first pack, the host has to press a “next pack” button that appears to start the second pack (which is passed around in the opposite order). Could that be what you saw?

If not, could the host go to the draft URL again and grab a screenshot? That would help debug.

I believe we were doing 10 cards per pack with 4 people and no bots. It was mid pack and Aaron had no thing to pick on the screen for that 16th pick.

Hm, thanks. Do you still have the draft URL by any chance? I can debug it that way.

Thanks for the report, I found the issue and it’s fixed now.


got an internal server error: