Announcing The Five Champions (Southern Ontario)

When: Feb 27
Where: Brennan Hall Lounge- St Mikes College, University of Toronto. 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto
What is it? The Five Champions. 5 Store Championships. One Day. One big community party.

Be sure to follow the event on Facebook at as we roll out announcements of prizes, cool side events and more!

2015 saw a bunch of growth in the LCG/X-Wing/Armada communities and we want to bring them together for a special event. We at Face to Face Games don’t want our Store Championships to feel like just another tournament held in store. Face to Face Games has a huge passion for running excellent organized play events and we are excited to bring this to FFG players. We want to make this the prestige event of the season as befitting a tournament called a store championship.

Entry :
Get a $5 discount on your entry with you preregister ahead of time. You can register in advance via paypal, in store, or over the phone. Please be sure to include your name and your event name when using paypal. Send paypal registrations to

Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged so that we can best prepare the event.

Entry is:
X-wing -$30 -11am
Netrunner - $20 - 11:15am
Armada - $30 - 11:30am
A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition -$15 - 11:45am
Warhammer 40k: Conquest $20 - 12:00pm

We want this event to be a great experience for all our players. To that end we have these options to upgrade your entry with some of these fantastic perks to make sure you are taken care of on the day.
All Day Parking - $12
Lunch or Dinner - $8
Lunch and Dinner - $15
X-Wing 3ftx3ft Playmat $45.

There are more prizes in addition to the store championship kits.

Faction Prizes: Top players in each faction who do not make the top 8 for X-Wing, Armada, Netrunner, Warhammer Conquest will receive prizes!

Participation Prizes for X-Wing, Warhammer Conquest, and Netrunner: As we expect these events to have more than 32 players every player will recieve something from Face to Face Games for participating. Stay tuned for further announcements. Also every A Game of Thrones player outside the top 8 will be entered into a raffle for a pair of Face to Face Games gift cards.

For more information on the contents of store championship kits, follow this link-

Side events:
Learn to play stations for each game
$5 Furballs (free for all) X-wing with prizes. Single ship, 35 points.
We will have a number of ships on hand for your use, or bring your own!
$2 Netrunner Cube Draft with prizes

We will have a vending booth at the event with that will have all of the supporting products for each game available for purchase, but we highly encourage anyone planning to purchase product for use in the tournament to message us ahead of time to ensure we have enough product to meet demand.

Questions? Hit us up on Facebook or @f2ftoronto