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Another New Player Thread

So I haven’t played in a while and I’m looking to come back and ease my way back into competitive play. The last time I was really playing was right as the first MWL was created. I noticed the game is no longer supported by FFG but something called NISEI has now taken over. Right now I’m a little overwhelmed with all of the new changes. With that being said I have a few questions:

  1. Are there going to be new (physical) cards released?
  2. Is there some kind of “catch up” thread out there for people like me?
  3. Is OCTGN still a thing?
  4. I noticed the main Stimhack site isn’t updated anymore. Where does one go now to get a feel for the meta?

Lastly - is the NYC playerbase still strong? I remember way back when there would be anywhere from 10-20 people hanging out at the Cranberry Cafe playing.



I can totally feel you a lot has happened since Mumbad!

  1. Physical cards are a thing, but you are allowed to play proxies at any event! You can order them through the nisei.net page (http://nisei.net/products/Downfall) even in different languages. Usually at the start of availability a huge order is made by local metas which reduces the price.
  2. Not that I’m aware of that there is a catchup thread
  3. No COTGN support was stopped when people stopped using it. Jinteki.net is your new friend and it’s amazing! There are even online tournaments available
  4. It’s still stimhack but in slack, but it is hidden thing that you can’t see from the outside. Not sure how to get into it, there is a thread about it somewhere here.

Regarding NYC, as far as I know it’s still active, paging @groenkaaf, @analyzechris & @CodeMarvelous

Hi, NYC meta chiming in! We have monthly GNKS at Uncommons and the Compleat Strategist as well as other random IRL and online cube/draft events. For that, you can check out the NYC Netrunner Facebook group. Our weekly meetup up is at Bread & Butter on 5th Ave. every Tuesday around 6:00-10:00. However, since we’re a busy lot, we usually figure out who is going, if any, on the #-nyc channel on Slack!

Welcome back! Mumbad was a dark time–I think you’ll find the game far more balanced and diverse than it was back then!

here’s the stimhack slack link. once you join, ask in #general for someone to add you to the nyc channel

there’s also knowthemeta.com to get a sense of what’s been performing at tournaments and the main deckbuilder site people use now is netrunnerdb.com. welcome back!

If you have any questions about NISEI, ask them here and I’ll do my best to answer. I’m the Community Manager :slight_smile:

One of US! One of US! Welcome (back)!