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ANR 7/19/2015 Pro Circuit Days of Knights Newark DE

here is the event for a ANR pro circuit mid atlantic qualifier

Doors: 11 am
Event Start: Noon
Entry Fee: $15
Prizes: Top 3 get invites to ANRPC Finals in September
Additional Prizes Based on attendance.
Rounds: 5 Rounds of Swiss, No Cut

Play starts at noon, please be there at least 15 minutes early. Doors will open at 11:00 am.

The tournament will be hosted in The Days of Knights - Newark, DE game room behind the store.

The top three players will earn an invite to the finals event in September, details are at www.anrprocircuit.com Additional prize support will be available. Certain proxies will be allowed under certain conditions, (cards from Opening Moves and Future Proof)

please sign up on FB if you can



Should new players refrain from participating in this event?

All levels of play and skill are welcome its going to be a fun event.


Awesome. I’ll try to make it down there.

I’m going to an event by me in central New Jersey tonight. I’ll see if anyone else is interested.


As a native Newark, DE boy, I can advise that if you are in the nearby states, you should come play. Days of Knights is on Main ST in a college town with plenty of good restaurants and bars on the street.


Sounds great. My only concern is how bad the traffic will be on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was the only person who showed up to the store to play Netrunner last night. I may have to grin and bear the traffic regardless of how bad it looks.

Does anyone know if Redcap’s Wednesday nights are still happening?

Every week since early 2013! We had a good crew out last night, lots of newer players keep coming by, it’s always a good time.

Sounds great. I work just outside of Philly, so I’ll have to check it out.

Just as a reminder; it’s BEHIND the store.