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ANR: Alt Cards

Hi guys!

I´m looking for some material to keep altering cards n_n, specially more copies of Neural Katana, Adonis Campaign and Andromeda. I got some stuff to trade, all in German, cause I’m now living in Berlin, and would be interesting to get some cards in English/French/etc. I´m also selling some of them, and I would glad to paint some commissions. If anyone it´s interested in my Alters,I started a Tumblr with some samples. I’ll upgrade the page soon, now it’s quite primitive hahaha.



I used to love getting my MTG cards altered by the artists of the cards. I really like your identities and your Neural.

Keep up the great work.

That Reina is the best one, good job.

Also, very well-done Neural Katana.

Definitely interested in seeing the price estimates on commissions. I could see doing some alters for my cube.

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Thanks for the comments, Guys! I’ll reply all the messages today.
The price depends on the size/Type of the alt, but now I’m trying to keep as cheap as I can n_n.
I’ll upload some more pieces also today, got some new stuff from this weeks hahaha.

What is cheap Efe? I am also interested.

hahhaa nice.
For example, the small extended art, like the Neural Katana for example, are for 3 Euros, around 5 dollars. And the largest ones, like the Adonis, Reina or Marceline Andromeda, around 6-8 Euros, depending ond the design, complexity or amount of cards requested n_n
are you from the USA?

thanks for the interest!

Those prices are reasonable, yes I’m from the U.S.A. :).

I really like the Cyberfeeder one. Those random “everyone’s steampunk now for no reason” ones do not appeal to me, nor the superhero ones. I do really like the Reina one.

Here’s some more I found: