ANR Novice OCTGN League

Dear all

I am planning to set up an ANR OCTGN league for novice players. Games will be weekly and the default time zone will be CET (Europe). Players should therefore be able to play during CET evenings.

If there is sufficient interest then I will administer a second division for NA time zones.

Since ANR has a relatively large card pool, it takes a while for new players to get used to play. By “novice” here I mean those who have started playing within the last 6 months.

If you’re interested, please PM me with your:

OCTGN name
Email address
Runner ID
Corporation ID

Thanks a lot for reading!


Pretty nifty. Cool of you to set this up.

I’m a bit disappointed I don’t qualify, but this is a cool idea and provides a nice environment for new people.

You might want to consider allowing people to just bring any ID they choose, so they can experience the card pool more and play around with different things. It would be a shame to be “locked in” to a deck they don’t really like.

Well done!

Thanks a lot pal, I will open up the IDs then. What I don’t want is for people to tech against each round’s opponent, but keeping it blind will accomplish that.

As for qualifying, if you’ve been playing for more than 6 months but are not an “expert”, then we can consider it. I just don’t want people getting blasted to hell by pros every game :smile:

Goodluck with this mate. I ran an OCTGN core card league last summer when I first started to play the game and it was a hell of a blast.

Hahaha. I’m certainly no pro. But I also might be too experienced, even though my skills are somewhat lacking - I just know the cards, common lines, etc. But I love what you are doing, it’s very good for the game and community as a whole.

Ooh, I want to start a core+ league. Like, core + big boxes, or a certain cycle. What fun!

That would be fun.

A “draft league” might be worth doing too. Get groups of 10 together on Meteor decks to do a draft, and play with their constructed decks.

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That sounds goodly fun. Draft 5 medical breakthroughs. Laugh when you get flooded and win after the runner steals 2.

Astro/Medical Breakthrough. Never-advance the first one and score with Astro token, start the hospital chain. :smile:

Welcome to never playing netrunner with you again, the draft. Aka, how to win with pure luck and earn seeing hatred, the game!

Hahaha. My favorite game.

When I score the 0/2 Medical Breakthough, I’ll be yelling “YAHTZEE!” in the OCTGN chat. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: Oops, I meant, “YAHTZEE, BITCH!”, courtesy of my sister-in-law. Regardless of the game being played. :smile:

Ooh just imagine the runner scoring 2 and a clone retirement or something off a legwork, and then you just win with your never advanced ones on the field. Is this the living the dream thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

We did a 9 man league with everyone playing each other as runner and corp for a total of 16 matches each. Took a while to finish (6 weeks I think) but it was nice and casual and everyone was really cool.

It’s definitely a great way to learn the card pool at a pace where you are not overwhelmed, adding a new cycle every few weeks or so would work too.

I would be interested if you start a NA league. The 7hr time difference would prevent me from playing during your evening hours.

As a new player who just restarted within the past week (played when core started, life then got in the way) I would be interested. Learning card pool + OCTGN at the same time has been overwhelming to put it mildly.

I’m NA but could maybe swing EU depending on time too

Please add your details here guys:

I need ONE more US/Canada player for the league please…just message me with your email address and OCTGN user name, thanks!

First off I would like to thank @amithraldur for the game, it was hard fought and lots of fun.

Secondly besides marking the results on the spread sheet is there any other info that you want?

Marking the result is fine pal! If you’d like to comment on it, feel free to do here and email the others too :slight_smile: