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ANR/OCTGN newbie requires some help :)

Hello everyone, I’m a new player (played some original NR TCG online on an obscure program 5 years ago).
I’ve red the ANR manual and watched the db0’s OCTGN tutorial.
I’m looking for a friendly player to take me to my first games. Is this community kind enough to help me? How should I ask players ingame?

Thanks for your time and answers!

Hi, It’s not too tricky to learn OCTGN for netrunner. I haven’t had any problems with people on there. So long as you either mark your game with Learning OCTGN, New Player, or something similar then people are usually happy to help you get started. Alternatively, if you join a game and tell the game’s creator that you are new, that should work fine too.

I’m at work at the moment or I’d suggest we played a couple of games.

Good luck, have fun!


Also, there is a youtube video on using octgn for netrunner and there is a creat sheet with all shortcuts within the game. I advise you to look into both.

Also, when in doubt, do ask your opponent: I wanna do X, how does that work?

As I said, I watched the 1 hour long video tutorial about it (that’s the video you’re talking about I guess), I also have the shortcuts sheet. I just need someone patient enough to help me play by myself.

Just login and title your game as @MasterAir suggested. You’ll have no problem finding something to learn from.

Thanks for your answers. I’ve played 2 games so far and both were awesome with awesome and patient players.
The thing that bugs me now is if I want to play beyond core set cards, I’ll need to learn about 600 new cards. That seems a bit overwhelming. I guess there is no “standard” format like in Magic with a reduced pool of cards?

No. The whole card pool is what it is. Scan the tourney winning decks on this site for the popular ones. Otherwise start at the start and build up. I’d guess 100 cards see regular play. 100 more look like they should and the rest are binder cards you don’t need to worry about.

Welcome to the game!

And are those cards that see play in a few sets or all across them?

All across the expansions. It’s not that hard to familiarize them - I did pretty well by watching game videos with commentators. I’d suggest Team Covenant at YouTube


I’m only playing core decks for now so I must ask: What kind of deck are generally played on OCTGN? More competitive or casual?

The whole gamut are on OCTGN.

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Sorry, gamut?

Gamut - the complete range or scope of something.