ANR on the Billions TV Show?

It’s always odd (and kinda exciting) when Board Game Culture surfaces in different areas of media. I was happy to see that actress from The Good Place playing Settlers of Catan after some award ceremony; or when the Colombian Actress from Modern Family talked about her husband playing D & D. (I’m terrible at remembering names, Kristen? Sophia? I think those are correct).

Anyway, I don’t know anything about this Billions TV show, but I’ll be curious how it uses Netrunner and/or The ANR Community. My one hope is that it doesn’t use the standard Trope of “Nerdy People doing Nerdy Thing for Humor” (ala The Big Bang Theory) as a form of comedy.

So your non-important question of the morning is:

  1. How do you think ANR will be used on the show?
  2. Which writer/producer on the TV knew about the game in the first place?

Happy Thursday, all.

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Damon would moonwalk there. :yum: