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ANRBlackhats - Podcast - Dirty Laundry ep 5 - audio updated

ANRBlackhats now has its own podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. In episode 01 D1en and CodeMarvelous are joined by Chris from the Hidden Assets YouTube channel. Much Data and Destiny and world’s speculation ensues.

For some reason all the episodes don’t show up on the iTunes store preview but they do show up on soundcloud and also on the podcast app and they appear in the actual iTunes program.

iTunes Link:






Thanks again for having me on. It was awesome to get to chat with you again and to meet Dien for the first time. If you ever need anyone else for the podcast, just let me know :slight_smile:

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In episode two I am joined by my Jank Bros from San San South: A Netrunner Podcast Vince and Brendan. We discuss the recent articles on the Casual/Competitive dichotomy and our excitement for Mumbad.
You can follow the ANRBlackhats podcast on iTunes.



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