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ANRPC 2017 Holiday Grudge Match - A Charity Stream featuring Josh and Spags


If we donate to get one of those fancy ID’s, do we have to be watching the stream to receive them or is it just a mailed out kind of deal? I’d like to donate, but I’ll be busy that day with the wife.

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Mailed out.

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I haven’t been keeping up with all the latest ANR gossip; so I’ll just ask: Who’s on Team Geist?

Also; count me in. Now to figure out Paypal (not a common service amongst Dutchies) :spy:


Figured out Paypal and Donated. Hope it goes really well!

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Also donated. Whoever’s playing Geist, kick CtM’s teeth in.


I’m the Geist guy.


Donated. Get 'em, Geist!

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Thanx, all, for the generosity. Up to $600+ now.

I’m expecting a lot of this.


TeamSpags 4 lyfe. Get 'em, boi!

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Sent. Go Team Geist!

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Love, love this idea! Truly fantastic initiative.

If I may provide a teensy bit of feedback, however, I am backing Spags on this mostly due to the more international character of his chosen charities. I’ve read up a little bit on the ‘Feeding America’ organization and they do great work. But as a Belgian, it just makes more sense for me personally to support similar charities closer to home. My 2 cents for a future installment, I guess. :slight_smile:

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I feel you. I have always supported DwB, and I picked them for some international flavour. Sorry for having the charities be America-centric, but it’s where @anon50033301 and ain’t live. Also, have you seen our new president?

We need help. Badly.


Donated for RP vs Kate 2015 worlds style


Copied from my post on Netrunner Dorks:

Just wanted to a give a quick thanks to everyone involved with the ANRPC 2016 Holiday Charity Grudge Match. First off, thanks to all of the generous donators. Due to your donations, we raised over $1329.06 to be given to people in need around the U.S., and the world (in Doctors Without Borders and International Planned Parenthood). Below is a list of all who donated. (if I missed your name, I apologize)

Brandon Hauk
Thomas Bowers
Christopher Padfield
Laurie Poulter
Joseph Kane
Jorge Azpurua
Kevin Savage
Matthew Wilson
Edward Paget
Joshua Epperson
Gerald Poh
Sean Duncan
Peter Mcowen
Ethan Rodkin
Matthew Baxley
James Goodson
Ve Herrmann
Kenny Deakins
Daniel Nichols
Dean Bacon
Olivier de Clercq
Stephen Ball
Eric Phetteplace
Leonie Sandman
Erik Hasse
Noah Chapman
Josh Wilson
Jonas Wilson
Alex Hokenson
Alex Hilson
Vincent Perry
George Collard
Mark Czirr
Russell Mortishire-Smith
Brian Cassidy
John Flannery
Eric Caoili
Abram Jopp
Timmy Wong
Alan Markham III
Ben Torrell
Alex White
Ran Cao
Zach Cavis
Nikola Savic
Kyle James
Ross Freitag
Daniel Baumann
Greg Feeney
Seth Gipson

A special shout out to our MVPs, Laurie Poulter and Zachary Cavis . They were extra generous in their donations, and it was greatly appreciated. 17 ETF/ST IDs, 8 BS/Argus, and 28 dice were given away. Brian Cassidy, you won the ‘We hit $1000!’ prize, of a Fairchild 2.0 print.

I’d like to give another shout out to those that donated for match-ups. You didn’t want a physical gift in return, so I hope that we provided some entertainment instead. Apologies to Ran Cao and Ben Torell. I gave all requesting parties a shout except for these two. Ran is a great member of the community, an FFG photobomber, and THE team leader of #TeamDog (which won today; Josh and I are both members). Ben is dodgepong, the great Peachhack streamer and AV master of the community, and wanted Josh and I to do a Skype shit-talk game. We owe you a game; invite us on your stream!

Next, I’d like to Abram Jopp , Timmy Wong,and Eric Caoili for their help in getting this off the ground and a successful reality in under a week. Tough to commentate on 9 games in a row, and you guys killed it, from what I heard. Eric was our hype man, and is the best in the biz, despite his filthy #TeamCat affiliation. Well done, boys.

A shout to the JNET crue, and to the zaroth mirror we played on today. We enjoyed the backup to JNET’s latest woes, and once JNET went up today, we had a nigh spectator-free room, which was pleasant.

Finally, a shout to Josh Wilson. He forsook the ability to take money off of people in a Geist/CTM marathon, and decided to instead help me turn this into an entertaining charity event. He was a trooper, and a very strong opponent. He was even game to playing anythng people suggested, including Hate Val feat. Fear the Masses.

Cheers, all, and happy holidays! I love this community!