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ANRPC Code of Conduct

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/anrpc-code-of-conduct/

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Looks like nearly the same as was on the ANRPC website before it disappeared.

Highly controversial changes I’ve found:

  • The spelling of “behaviour” was fixed.
  • A few bits were slightly rearranged.
  • Objectifying images are specifically called out as inappropriate.
  • The paragraph about other people’s property was added. Needs an apostrophe.
  • More bold, less italics, list no longer marked up as a list.
  • The sign-off at the bottom was added.

(I spend too much time trying to figure out what changed when in things at work, clearly.)

It’s good to see this on a non-disappeared website for reference. All of the changes seem very sensible. Dare I hope this heralds a possible return of ANRPC events in some form? Or is this just saving a bit of useful ANRPC content?

This was entirely just to rescue a linkable version from the old ANRPC site. Any changes are unofficial at this stage and likely to do with me cobbling it together from archive.org and the BABW version.

I left the Discourse autoposting on in case there was anything to clear up or clarify, but I’ll work to get this to a definitive version for linking in events, etc.

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That makes sense! I was only looking at the archive.org version, which is why I thought there were changes. It really is good to see this preserved.

I’m serious about the apostrophe, though.

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Thanx. We let the site go, and didn’t have a copy of it. I thought Dan wrote it, as I couldn’t find a copy in my archived stuff.

Re: ANRPC events
Larger events that want to use the name, buy prizes from me for said events, etc. are great. Playerbase forsnt exist for smaller circuits outside of the UK. I believe Laurie subsumed the BABW and it now runs on its own, without any ANRPC affiliation.

lol - 'the spelling of “behaviour” was fixed :slight_smile: - meaning “changed to the American spelling”.


It had actually been changed to the British/Canadian spelling, but now it’s been unfixed.

I think maybe the apostrophe should be after the s, as there are multiple others? Sorry about being so picky.

(If we’re being picky, the last behaviour has a u, and the other three doun’t)

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Oh, maybe I was just looking at different behaviours!

I guess that probably 75% of people who played in ANRPC events lived in the US, so it probably has a good mix of behaviour spellings for the intended audience!


Personally, I have always enjoyed the extra “u” that the Brits throw in. English already has a ridiculous amount of silent/dumb usages of letters, so why not throw more in?

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No offense to the Netrunner community, but I can’t imagine anyone at a Netrunner event ever making any sort of sexual advances. It’s a pretty comic image.

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Arguably true, but it’s nice to have it spelled out in plain text somewhere that we can point to and say ‘See? Not allowed. Cut it out.’ if it ever actually occurs.

It also lets recipients know that it isn’t allowed and that they can and should bring it up if it occurs.


I don’t get what the use of this is.

Paraphrasing: “If someone says someone else did something unspecified they may be ejected or not.”

Well, thank goodness that’s cleared up.

Wow I suppose now that you’ve reduced it to an absurd simplification it does look a bit silly.

Better pack it up I guess.