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[ANRPC][GLC]September Qualifier @The Gaming Goat

Saturday, September 10, 2016 at The Gaming Goat – Registration at 12:30, round 1 begins at 1:00pm

The Top 3 players will receive an invitation to the GLC invitation tournament in Chicago. Other prizes include Official ANRPC dice, Fan-made Alternate Art IDs and Korean BBQ

The Gaming Goat in Schaumburg, Illinois
Android:Netrunner Player’s Circuit - Great Lakes Circuit (US Midwest)


I just want to go because it’s called The Gaming Goat!

…but I live really far away :frowning:

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Not knocking the other prizes, but Korean BBQ sounds like the top prize to me if my experience of other Korean food is anything to go by!


Mark your calendars, the prize dice are in, the alternate art smokes are in, it’s gonna be a blast!