ANRPC MAC - Pittsburgh PA - Mr Nice Guy Games 8/29

Just a friendly reminder this Saturday (29th) is the ANR Circuit Qualifier at Mr Nice Guy’s (Pittsburgh PA).

Registration starts at 11, the tournament will start at noon. Try to bring a copy of your deck list to make life easy, otherwise you will have to fill out a list by hand.

Proxying cards from opening moves and future proof will be allowed. If you are proxying make sure to have solid sleeve backs and print out the artwork of the card to make your opponent’s life easy.

Finally, in addition to the top three getting a pass to invitational and store credit, I’ve whipped up some prizes for us all. Top three winners will have the choice between a day job play mat, jesus howard play mat, or team covenant tokens. Door prize is alternate art ID’s.

Looking forward to seeing you all.there.


In addition to Rob’s prizes, I will also hand out some GNK playmats, reserved only for new players who don’t already have mats; and any player whose corp can beat me on Kate will receive a handful of old participation promos as a bounty.



a steep order indeed (:


If you bring an IT department deck just to troll me, a timed win will not be good enough. And I will play slow to spite you. :wink:

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If I’m going to lose, it won’t be to a 55 minute IT Department game.

If anyone sees this, can I ask to reserve a spot? I got off at the wrong bus stop, so I’ll be late. I’m definitely willing to take a double-game loss as long as I can play.

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Okay, got there ~1/2 a minute before pairings went up - phew!

I was playing my ago MaxX and the Spiderweb HB, but I lost 2 playtest decks while moving, so I had to replace some cards (surprisingly few given that they were anarch/hb decks). Here’s some of the games I remember. Overall I went 6-4. (I think it was the most common score)

I played an NEH, Keyholed a bunch, but I left it, and the agendas I milled got jackson’ed away. Still stole a Beale. R&D got better protected then, and then I got IHW in hand to be ready to go tag-me, but then I got Traffic Accident/Scorched, which missed my IHW. I was doing okay - probably if it hit, I’d have about a 50% chance of winning.

I played another NEH with lots of biggish ice (little engine kept me out of HQ the whole time and tollbooth out of R&D)

One guy played Tennin, and was (understandably) annoyed when I beat him because I had watched one of his previous games without asking permission. (it was a pretty standard tennin deck, though, so I’m not sure if what I saw ever made a difference)

I played a quick game versus butchershop (autocorrects to buttercup) - he left R&D open first click to score an astro, and I had kept my hand which had Keyhole. Imp really came in useful. MaxX is the best call against buttercup, I think, because the card draw lets you take damage during your turn without using up too many clicks, and IHW protects you at “night”.

I played a really close game with my HB against Vamp CT. I had had 4 Adonis’s rezzed total, and played almost all my economy. Eventually he got the vamp off, and when I didn’t trash his SOT the first chance I got, a final Maker’s eye sealed the deal. (there were 3 total played, so I had gotten lucky up to that point, as R&D was relatively full of points). I did get off a pretty good Chronos Project, exiling Legwork and most of my opponent’s deck.

I was one spot behind @bblum, and one ahead of the person who took the alt-art I wanted.