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[ANRPC] [MAC] Qualifier – Washington, DC – Labyrinth Games – 8/16

Will Old Hollywood be legal at this event?

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Yes, unless the store owner has a compelling reason for it not to be, it is out now, so it will be legal.

Please be aware if you intend to attend this event, this store has a hard cap on capacity. To ensure a spot, you MUST sign up in advance on their eventbrite page.

No charge to sign up, but there will be a $10 fee on site. If you haven’t been to this venue, you are missing out big time, fantastic location (right next to the Metro) and myriad lunch options in walking distance. Show up early and check out Eastern Market, it’s great!


Only 12 spots left. Looks like it’s going to be a great tournament.

Don’t forget to bring your Film Critics, everyone!

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I need to learn to stop moving to a new state on tournament days

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WAT! Where are you moving?!

Moving up to New York on the 17th. I was only back in Baltimore for the summer