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Any chance of having "regional subsections" of the forum?

Would it be possible to have “regional subsections” where users can find users inside their country/region to discuss more closer topics like regional meetings or so?

For instance, I would love to meet here Spanish users (I’m from Spain) and, perhaps, discuss also in Spanish about our meetings and progresses…

I think it could be a nice feature to add to the forums… What do you think?

Thanks for the feedback.

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on slack…

You could just make a thread to use. It’s not as diverse as a forum subsection, but depending on the traffic, it might be enough?

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I think it may not be quite worth it. There are few enough people in some regions as it is, and there are facebook pages for most regions or countries that might not fill quite the niche you are looking in terms of a resource, but are prob the next best thing rather than diluting the quality of information from high level players from all around the world you might find on here.

Is there no Netrunner Spain facebook page?

there is a UK channel on slack where we can talk about crumpets and tea and all the other good things, and occasional we talk about netrunner too

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There is some forum over there, but not as good as this one, I think…

Yes, maybe a subforum could make it… Anyway, I’m just trying to power up the Spanish community in a good, reliable and global forum where anyone can share although in many different ways…

Thanks to all for your replies. I’m just a noob here and learning how this all works.
Thanks again.

A good way to do this (which unfortunately is likely beyond forum software’s possibilities) could be:

  1. Add a category “Locally relevant topics”
  2. When you add a topic there, you pick a localization on a map and choose a category (let’s say with choices of “Meetup/local league”, “Small tournament”, “Big tournament”)
  3. In your user profile you can pick one (or maybe 2-3*) places on the map and set distance you are willing to travel for a meetup, a small tournament and a big tournament.
  4. All topics posted as locally relevant which are outside of your set distances get autoset to muted.

*if you move somewhere temporarily and plan to come back to your old place in a few months, you likely want to read both into events in your new place you might attend and about events in your previous meta which are too far to go but you know people playing there so you are still interested, that’s why picking more than one place might be useful.

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Los españoles estamos un poco divididos dependiendo de dónde estemos pero casi todo pasa por éste foro:

Netrunner LCG España

Si quieres cualquier cosa, pásate por ahí y te ayudamos :slight_smile:

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Si he pasado… ¡Pero no he podido darme de alta!
Continuamente me daba error de nombre de usuario o correo ya existentes y nunca me he dado de alta antes… Ni en ése ni en otro foro de mforos… No sé qué pasará…

Me cansé de intentarlo. Sorry.
Stimhack la verdad es que es una gozada de foro… Por eso intentaba ver qué gente desde España andaba por aquí.

De momento estoy aprendiendo poco a poco… Gracias por la propuesta. Si más adelante me redimo volveré a intentarlo en mforos…

Un saludo.