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Any netrunners in Barcelona?

Bit of speculative post, but I’ll be living in Barcelona for 6 weeks from mid October to the end of November. I was wondering if there was anyone on here in the area who might be up for some games, or who knows of a regular meet up.



I’m from Barcelona, and we have a Facebook group we check regularly: Netrunner BCN.

Feel free to join and meet us there, we tend to group up almost weekly, so ask away!

See you around!

Hey Tim!

Glad to know you’re coming!!

(If you don’t know who am I… we played before :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU5BLOu-yng&feature=youtu.be)

It will be VERY GOOD to have you around, of course we will meet for games!!

We’ll keep in touch :slight_smile:

Prepare to be flatlined many a time :wink:

great, also @efildriew I thought you’d said you were from Barcelona. Looking forward to seeing you again. I’ll bring some decks with me and join the FB group

Very good @Tim ! We will keep you updated about tournaments on that dates.

By the way, I assume you will not go to the worlds this year? If so, it will be a pleasure to prepare the worlds with a player like you! And if you go, we can train together :slight_smile:

Coming to Barcelona next week, is there any regular meeting? I’m not on Facebook so can’t check that out.

Still here or already gone? I was away for a week, but now I’m back and eager to have a hand or two of casual or semi-competitive ANR. Message me if you’re around. Cheers!