Any Netrunners in Hong Kong?

I’m off to spend a couple of weeks in Hong Kong on holiday today and have some decks with me. It’d be cool to play Netrunner with some folk out there if I can. I’m staying with family outside of town in Sheung Shui, but obviously easy for me to travel in by train. I’ll be in town until the 18th, hope I can catch some people for a game.

(I’ve got a few spare promos with me too if anyone is interested: 1x Aesops, 1x Plascrete, 1x NBN Making News, 3x Pop Up Window, 6x Swordsman).

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Hong Kong just had their first Netrunner event in Dec.6th 2015 ! :smile:
I don’t know if they have any facebook group or anything. But I already told one of the person in charge there to reach out to you and see :^).

Thanks man. I’ve got internet access out there so can be reached pretty easily. Should have a phone too when I can buy a cheap SIM card.

I found this on BGG and there are some contact information,I guess it might help.

HI wookiee , We are the one you are looking for.
feel free to contact us by wtsapp or facebook(xyvanchau).
If u do have a wtsapp ac i can add you to our group.

Hi, yeah I’m on whatsapp.

What is your ac?