Any news from Gencon about the future of Netrunner?

Just wondering. I was reading about Gencon news here and there bout found no reference to netrunner. Any related announcement? Any news at all?

Nothing official, but those who spoke to Boggs-senpai relayed the word that there was supposed to be a announcement “relatively soon” about something people will be happy about.

They did say something was holding up the next cycle (what that is, is unknown. Doing a mass design clean-up maybe got them sending it to press late?), it is supposed to start before the end of the year, and rotation was going to trigger early before it comes out just so it’s active before Worlds.


The only thing from GenCon was that the next cycle is delayed and because of this delay rotation will be coming early, before Worlds. Out of the context of GenCon, Bogs stated that there are announcements waiting for netrunner that he’s looking forward to making. Who knows why they didn’t do that at GenCon, but, you know… FFG.

They did not mention it at during the in-flight report (though they did devote a significant chunk of time to Game of Thrones Catan, so there’s that). During the Q&A, someone asked about the future of netrunner, and they confimed two things:

  1. Rotation will happen before Worlds, and will not be triggered by the release of the next pack. There is an announcement about this upcoming (no idea when, current rumors imply this week)
  2. There has been a delay in the next cycle, and they’re “hoping” to release the first pack by end of year.
3 Likes has a nice summary of recent exchanges:


oh, cool. Thank you all for the info; I get we will seat down and wait to see what happens.