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Anyone having problems printing the Ashes pdf?

My printer is working fine and is printing other documents just fine. But when I print the ashes cards PDF file, all that comes out are hash marks and the Ashes/Downfall words in the margin. There is no art printed at all for the cards. On the print preview, the correct page is displayed with full art.

I did make sure I’m printing at 100% file size with no additional margins, as the pdf instructs. Page one, with the NISEI logo and printing instructions prints just fine. Then all the pages after that are basically blank.

I’m stumped.

It may be your PDF viewer. I’ve noticed some issues with their PDFs when I try and print the rotation guide natively from Firefox. Printing from Acrobat Reader works perfectly fine. Try that?

Could be. I’m printing from Safari on my brand new MacBook Air. I’ll try acrobat reader and report back.

OK that worked. It printed from Adobe Reader. BUT I had to adjust the size to “fit to print” or else the file was 11.7" long and it wouldn’t fit on the page when I chose to print at 100% size. The cards are over a half an inch short now. I’ll have to play with the settings to figure this out.

Sorry if it’s too simple, but the PDF’s are in two different formats: A4 and US letter. Make sure your printer setting (or paper) match the format if you’re having sizing issue.

I had no issues printing 3x US letter from a Adobe Reader.