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Anyone interested in playing x3 Revised Core only games?


I’m curious how the revised core plays by itself. I’ve built a deck for each faction using the current MWL (1.2) and three revised cores. Anyone interested in playing via jinteki.net?


Yeah, for sure. I’m in a tech black hole right now with no computer, but you keep advertising those games. Never gonna give you up


I’ve been loving 3x Core. Right now it’s the only thing I’ve been playing on JNet. It has an interesting feel to it, especially as I’ve been trying to play NBN. I got trounced yesterday to Opus + Femme + Crypsis, but the game was still fun.


I just played a couple games which were a lot of fun. My favorite is opus + faerie + sacrificial construct.


I’ve been playing Core 2 Only on jinteki.net and games have been pretty fun. I find the deckbuilding to be especially interesting. With a good number of high-power cards removed, it’s not as easy to decide which cards to spend influence on. I love that. With every ID it seems like I could build a reasonable deck four different ways. Overall, it seems pretty balanced in each game, without strong degenerate strategies (i.e. this is full of “real” Netrunner).