Anyone still lurking here?

What makes you not actively post around these forums?

General lack of time? Being busy in other Netrunner-related locations? The silence within these cyber-walls?

Genuinely curious :slight_smile:


I preferred this forum format, but i think i might be the only person to have posted about anything in these forums, other than to ask about other forums or to ask if there is anyone still here, within the last year or so. I’ve got the these forums RSS.

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Currently generally hanging out on Discord and Slack (as nothing going on here!)

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Yeah, with 26 views and 3 users in a week since the post went up, I can hear the cyber-crickets around here.

What would be a good way to revive this corner of the Net-web? Discord and Slack are awesome and very lively, but they’re live/real-time communications.

Here we have a bit more of a set-in-stone situation, without anything scrolling beyond the view of the average reader before it gets noticed.

Should we (not meaning NSG, but the users of this forum) try to start a fan-fiction corner here? A lore-discussion thread? A place to gather and discuss event/format/card/what-have-you ideas? Something else?

Else, may the crickets reign supreme… even if it’s a bit sad.

You may get more - I only looked because I got an email summary of activity…

I like your idea.

Well since you asked… I have an idea for a team event that a group of us have been chatting about and are going to give a try.

Team Tournament 3 v 3
[to be tried first in Startup, deliberately small card pool - will create difficult team based deck building challenges]

  • Each team has 1 copy of the card pool and must build 3 legal runner decks and 3 legal corp deck from the card pool.
  • Each Team has 9 copies of Sure Gamble and 9 copies of Hedge Fund
  • Otherwise the 3 copies of each card (6 Matryoshka) are the team limit to be used/divided between the IDs of the team as they decide.

We are also going to try it with ID drafting.

I haven’t played for years. I never had a playgroup of more than 1-2 other people, and I never found a wider one in Japan. I played online, but without playing in person, the game just fell away. I have happy memories of the game and the community, so I tend to pop my head in at this forum from time to time.

This is not useful to anyone, but I am still lurking here.

I still look every once and awhile, but there’s just no one posting and nothing to read so I stopped looking very frequently. I definitely don’t post anymore. Either about OTG or the yearly Worlds Thread.

This post is so egregious that it made me log into an account I haven’t accessed in years. /j

Jokes aside, as we likely lost our last active forum-like online space with r/netrunner indefinitely offline in protest to Reddit’s site changes, it would be really good to revive this place!


Hipster hackers rebooting long-forbidden threads to stir up controversy in the wake of a IPO-related online community meltdown?

I’m in.


I’m in.


We’re bringing it back. :eyes:


I made that joke yesterday and I didn’t even realise I had been :sloth: by almost 2 weeks! :sob:

I just signed up. StimHack might be coming to life (again?)


Hi everyone! Good to be here.