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Anyone wanna form a rogue Worlds team?

Nobody in my local meta can fly out to Magnum Opus except for me. I’m from the Boise-Salt Lake City metropolitan area, but I know I’ve met a few of you from Portland, Seattle, Colorado Metro, and Billings. Fact is: I don’t really have teammates to spar with or link up with for KOS (which I’d love to attend again). If you’re like me, and are stranded and in want for someone to practice heady, competitive netrunner against on Jnet, let me know in this thread. Or if nothing else, use this thread to meet other rogues to link up with.

A friend and I are going to Worlds and we’re interested in playing in KoS too. We’re happy to play with anyone, it’ll be fun to get to meet new people!

The KoS registration will have a free agent system for people needing teams. Registration begins Tuesday :slight_smile:

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Well I’d be glad to join you up to help form a team. If you’ve got a good time and day of the week to get practice in on jnet I could meet up with you more on there to play, if you guys want!

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I have a group of two friends who are coming out with me. I am not sure if we are going to be able to make KOS, but we are really hoping to.