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APEX - Eater for Turning Wheel

Good day,
It’s me again, a noob trying to have fun with my new card collection :smiley:
So, this is my first pitch at APEX. What do you think? Plan is to setup the usual ChopBot/Wasteland/Reaver econ, and just run non stop with Eater to stack up Turning Wheel. When ready to burst, you just go in with Endless Hunger/Heartbeat/E3 for a juicy HQ or R&D run.
You can Hunting Ground/Quality Time to go through deck quickly to find rig. You can do lots of money event, reusable with Same Old Thing if game is getting long. Apocalypse as a big old reset button, Levy AR for same reason. And lastly, you can Infiltration/Rigged Results if other player is setting up a scoring remote.

Event: (20)
1x Apocalypse (Data and Destiny)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
2x Infiltration (Core) — (Or swap those 2 for Reaver)
2x Kraken (Humanity’s Shadow)
1x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control) ■■■
2x Lucky Find (Double Time) ■■ ■■
2x Prey (Data and Destiny)
2x Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow) ■ ■
2x Rigged Results (Fear the Masses) ■ ■
3x Sure Gamble (Core)

Hardware: (6)
2x Chop Bot 3000 (Order and Chaos) ■ ■
2x E3 Feedback Implants (Trace Amount) ■■ ■■
2x Heartbeat (Data and Destiny)

Program: (8)
2x Eater (Order and Chaos) ■■■ ■■■
3x Endless Hunger (Data and Destiny)
3x Harbinger (Data and Destiny)

Resource: (11)
3x Hunting Grounds (Data and Destiny)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x The Turning Wheel (The Liberated Mind) ■ ■
3x Wasteland (Data and Destiny)


Otherwise, I like the concept in theory anyway. I know there’s Apex builds that run Eater/Keyhole/Apocalypse for a similar sort of game.

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That’s what prey is for ostensibly.

Reaver needs to be in this deck over infiltration, any day of the week.

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You Have to cut Same old thing, its not a virtual resource.


Wow, it never ends


Ah damn, I totally forgot about same old thing. I needed that recursion . Maybe I can squeeze in a couple Deja Vu.

And yes, Reaver over Infiltration. I just haven’t got that datapack yet lol

Ffg needs to print an actually functioning version of Endless Hunger :neutral_face:

Eternal Craving: Program 4 MU (no subtypes)
Trash installed card: prevent the run from ending.


Git fukd, Caprice


I really don’t think Apex being able to bypass caprice is the end of the world! Tbh, I’d call it a feature.

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5 Inf for sure.

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Maybe trash an installed face down card?