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Are there any regular events that happen in and around Yorkshire, UK?

As Title really, I’ve seen the thread on Sheffield Regionals but wondered if there was anything more newb friendly, as in so newb friendly that the box hasn’t even arrived yet, let alone been opened…Also, I’ve seen some chatter about online play. Am I right in guessing this is with imaginary/custom decks or is with actual cards/decks you own, which I would have thought relies heavily on the honesty of the players?

Sorry for the newb Qs.

I’m sure there are, but Stimhack probably isn’t the best place to find out about them - for UK specific stuff you’ll have better luck on the Netrunners.co.uk forums or on the UK Netrunner Players facebook group which I help admin (can’t provide a link because FB is blocked at work but you should be able to find it under that name if you search FB)

CJ, the other admin for the FB group actually runs the events in York and is probably the best person to ask about stuff in that part of the country.

In terms of online play you can play with any cards, the popular online deckbuilders like netrunnerdb have an ‘OCTGN export’ function to make it simple to build decks and play them. this should provide all the basic info you need if you want to find out more about playing on OCTGN.

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Much appreciated. I will do as suggested. FB is blocked at my work also, hence the limited amount of ‘research’ I can do during the day.

Don’t ask right now though, as I imagine he’s busy preparing for the near 200 player UK Nationals.