Are there top-tier male runner identities currently?

So I’m considering the state of the game after the MWL, and I honestly think there’s no competetive male runner right now. Why I wrote this thread is because I really hope to be proven wrong. Why does this matter? Well I like to roleplay a bit, and I simply feel uncomfortable with a female “avatar” when playing game, if you will.

So taking a look at the factions:

Shaper: I play these as my main and I think it’s very fair to agree the female shapers are just flat out better. I haven’t tested nasir, but judging by tournament results he is overshadowed by kate, chaos theory, and the new hayley decks. The prof and exile I have played thoroughly and I just dont think they are good.

Criminal: I think criminals on the whole just aren’t in a great spot right now. Having played around a bit with gabe/ken/andromeda, I still think andy is in a better position then the gents here. I tried gheist and he’s a pretty meh guy in a pretty meh faction IMO. The rest of the criminals I haven’t tried, but the males here seem somewhat sub-par excpet for a very janky ian paisley deck which is just so ridiculous I don’t want to play it (takes to long).

Anarch: Anarch have some great male ID’s internally (whizzard being my favorite), but after the MWL I think they also lose out to shapers. 3 clone chips, 3 parasites and 2 yog is huge hit a lot of anarch decks are facing.

Neutral: Adam is a steaming pile of dog turds, apex also, sunny is pretty good. I say this from experience since I really tried to make these guys work.

So yeah any decks people have been running post-MWL with male identities they want to share and prove me wrong/make my day? Perhaps anarchs aren’t in sucha bad spot? Perhaps criminals aren’t? perhaps I’m just a shaper fanboy? Or am I overlooking some less-popular identities?

Keep in mind I’d prefer a good-ol netrunner deck rather than some fisk DLR deck or something.

EDIT: changed the title because clickbait factor wasn’t worth it

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Is this actually a real post? I’m really hoping for the best that isn’t a for real post.


It is what horrifies you so much?

If I give you my address can you mail me your tears?


The fact that you’re looking for post MWL decks and think Kit is good at that point doesn’t bode well for your analysis skills.

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There’s your answer.


Oops I meant hayley (specifically the chameleon variety). Thanks for that I’ll edit.

Any decklist in particular? The noise builds I played like their parasites/clone chips, and in general I’ve been crushed by cyberdex a few times playing him.

I came expecting a hilariously sarcastic shitpost. Maybe it still is?

Either way it proves that Poe’s Law is still well and truly alive.


Cyberdex hurts but rarely punishes too hard. And after testing, cutting two Clone Chips (for a Deja Vu and a card of your choice) really doesn’t affect the deck too much. It’s got perhaps one less virus installation? And the instant Parasites were nice but not necessary.

The discussion here ([Noise] Welcome (back) to the Church - #1252 by TheBigBoy) is worth following.

Personally, I’ve found Shapers a LOT slower now when I compare them to how fast they were before MWL. Shapers not packing Clot and 3x Clone Chip seem a little weak to fast advance, especially against a fast Astro. Don’t think I really agree with your original post, if indeed it is not meant to be humourous.

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Clickbait thread title, but Geist, Noise, and Whizzard are the main dudes atm.

Geist needs a couple packs to recover from the Clone Chip hit, but its clear Mumbad has several support cards for him.

At least the Shaper guys have rule bending abilities?

Mods delete this trash. Seriously.


You could play fighting games instead.

I always play the rush down characters or the item spam characters: respectively its almost always a female character and a male character.

I wonder why that is usually.

Thanks for the constructive/humerous replies in the thread so far. Atm I’m trying the reina financial strangle caissa build with whizzard instead of reina. logic being whizzard’s ability will come in handy during rnd runs with medium and trashing things like sundew/mental health clinic/breaker bay grid that could help corps with counters recover.

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Simple answer:
Play more,thanks.

I don’t get why people are uncomfortable playing a board game as a woman because they can’t identify as their ‘avatar.’ I play a shitload of Twilight Struggle and I hope I don’t identify as Stalin


@Romakarol, it is reasonable to feel uncomfortable with an avatar that doesn’t share the same gender/race/whatever with you. However, women and non-whites have been forced for decades by popular media to endure the same discomfort several hundredfold.

Our community is dedicated to making such people feel as welcome as possible, and you can contribute in this direction by keeping your discomfort to yourself. It’s not like there aren’t plenty other aspects of the game to enjoy.

I don’t think your question is inherently problematic but I’m going to end the discussion now before it gets out of hand.

Also noise has been tier 1 for the better part of a year now. But also maybe if you limit yourself to decks that portray only comfortable things you are missing some of the point of the game?