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Article: 12 awesome things that Personal Workshop does for Noise

Discuss Alex’s newest article on the power and synergy of personal workshop in noise: http://stimhack.com/12-awesome-things-that-personal-workshop-does-for-noise/


I think this article may have turned me to the Dark Side.

So on 12. Power Milling, does that mean you can pay credits at anytime to bring something from workshop into play?

Yup! That’s exactly why Workshop is so powerful.

Thanks for putting up an excellent blog for A:NR!

This post shows some pretty cool uses for PW I hadn’t considered before and is a nice deviation from the solely Stimhack/PW combo everyone goes on about.

I’m not sure number 11, the power dig, is quite as strong though. Medium only adds cards to an R&D run after the first virus counter. With a Grimoire, Medium comes out with one counter and the runner only sees one card on the first R&D run, then 2 and 3. Using the Imps to trash a couple of cards is great, but their effect is only usable once per turn rather than run.

Haven’t played Noise or Medium much at all, so I could be completely off base here. Though, after reading this article, putting a deck together and trying it out sounds like a fun time.


As long as you have Grimoire in play you’ll get to see 2 cards on the first R&D run. The run is considered successful, and the second virus counter, added in 4.4 and cards are accessed in 4.5. (Check out the Timing Structure of a Run here)

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Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the clarification!

Late to the party, I know. In 12 you write

But which virus can you use to mill between corp actions?

If you’re Noise, any virus will do. His ability makes the corp trash the top card when a virus is installed. Even if it’s on the corp turn. PW allows for instant installs so if you have a virus on PW and install it on the corp turn they are forced to mill the top card of R&D.

Also of note, Clone Chip allows the same thing with less setup (albeit only once). Given its great utility in general, it’s a decent card to put into Noise if you’re expecting to be battling Accelerated Shutdown combo decks.

Thanks, I had a brain freeze moment there. I was reading the article and thinking of Imp mentioned previously, thus my confusion.