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Asmodee is selling

I couldn’t find a thread about this and I didn’t want to necro an old thread.
Asmodee is selling everything, I guess?

What are your opinions about this?

I guess Fantasy Flight Games will keep on releasing Datapacks & Big Boxes for A:NR no matter who their corporate owners are.

I expect FFG will be one of the studios less affected by any sale, except possibly when it comes to external IP licenses (apparently these do not automatically transfer when the company changes ownership).
New corporate owners might want to streamline Asmodee into fewer separate entities and mostly focus on their most profitable titles, but most FFG titles should be among those. My suspicion is that lesser-known games and older games may be discontinued. Among the LCGs, I’d expect LOTR to go first (maybe replaced by a new, more mass-market LOTR game?) because it’s quite old, has a huge cardpool that is expensive to maintain, and will soon get a digital replacement (from all I’ve heard, one that is dumbed down quite a bit, or simplified if you prefer that terminology, and really different from the physical card game).

If I recall correclty, Asmodee went on a crazy buying spree over the past few years like Katamari Damacy until all companies were glommed together under their name.

I don’t know much about the High Stakes world of Hostile Take-Overs, but is it normal for a company to consume so many other companies and then pivot into a sale?

Also, many netrunner cards are just business terms, which make it hard to ask business based questions without seeming like you are creating a play on cards. Or maybe it was on purpose. I can’t tell anymore.

In this case yes.
This is the business model of Asmodee’s current owner, Eurazeo: What they do is buy up small companies in growing markets, grow them (often by acquisition) and then sell them with as much of a profit as possible.
Edit: So an eventual sale was definitely most expected. Not sure why they’re doing it exactly now, and I don’t think we’ll know.

As noted elsewhere, there may already be an interested buyer and they are just trying to gauge their price or something.

For some reason I just imagined Tencent deciding to diversify into the physical game space, and going “yoink!”

We should pool our resources and buy FFG and then let the Stimhack Braintrust* run it.

*Fantasy Flight Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mega Crit Games.