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Assets, Assets Everywhere: A Tournament Report from Portland Regionals

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/assets-assets-everywhere-a-tournament-report-from-portland-regionals/

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Loved the tournament report!

Was a great game. One of my favorites from the day.

Only correction would be, I am from Nor Cal (Humboldt County) not Seattle.

But otherwise, fantastic tournament report. I really enjoyed the read.

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Pffft, I didn’t get anything wrong, you must be mistaken. Look again, I’m sure you’ll find there was no error :wink:

(thanks for the correction)


The year is 20XX. Everyone plays IG teched to beat Whizzard and Whizzard teched to beat IG.


Man, that agenda flood was real…
Hope you guys come up for our regionals so we can teach you a lesson!

A lesson on how to play Gagarin and Nasir! Boom! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great tournament report, great preformance, great day. We had a ton of fun.

I’m not going to make it up (had a Canada trip planned before dates were announced), but we’ll have a small crowd in attendance =)

Thanks for this tournament report. One of the things I appreciated was how you made IG seem like a really interesting deck on both sides of the game. I think it’s a problematic deck that a lot of people don’t like, but I also think it’s a pretty cool deck that provides for interesting decision points on both sides. I would like it not to be as good as it is, but I think a lot of people get annoyed by it and don’t take any time to learn what it’s doing or what sorts of decisions are being made.


Thanks for the tourney report, really enjoyed reading it

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I’m not wild abut the deck either, but the best games of the day by far for me were the games where I was playing against someone familiar with the matchup. There’s just so much to do on either side of the table. There’s tons of times where I make a move and then think more about it on my opponent’s turn and then realize there was a slightly better move that I hadn’t seen. You really have to be ready for them to drop Employee Strike and have a good response to it. What to chuck face-down in Archives matters a lot as well, because if you pitch a card that you don’t need now, but will need later it can get really awkward if you can’t get it back when you need it. In my final game against Kyle I had pitched a couple Bioethics early on to increase the trash costs of what I actually did have in play, and they remained there for the rest of the game. I really coulda used those bastards somewhere around turn 15.


It reminds me a bit of DLR in that sense. There are tons of decision points on both sides, and between two people who know what they’re doing its really back and forth and engaging. However both of them play tangential to traditional netrunner and completely stomp on anyone who isn’t prepared. IG has an additional problem in that it basically wrecks and deck that isn’t whizzard and has less interaction with them.