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Australian Nationals - Report and Videos

Hi all,
Last weekend saw 75 players over in Sydney for the Aussie nationals (Cards up to The Underway).

I noticed a lot of stimhackers with top 16 results! big shout outs to:

@firesa 2nd (Alex), @Xyceres (Joey) 3rd, @Rjorb (Ryan) 4th, @chaosjuggler (Wilfy) 5th, @flickerwisp (Nelson) 11th, let me know if I missed anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Proud to say it was one of our local Brisbane players who took out a big win using relatively unusual PE and Siphon Whiz builds! congrats Daryl Russell :slight_smile:

Full report is up here:

Stay tuned for some more videos as I upload them: firesa v xyceres and wilfy v firesa
and of course, the grand finals!


@SneakySly, @mediohxcore, any chance of getting this on the front page?

I know the TWA guys have an author account. They can post it to the main page as an article if theyโ€™re interested. Otherwise when the videos are finished, link them in a playlist and Iโ€™ll put those up personally.


thanks @mediohxcore, I just finished uploading the videos today - the completed list is here:

The game between @firesa (Alex) and @chaosjuggler (Wilfy) is probably the closest and most tense of the bunch, and the final game is also pretty entertaining viewing!

Thanks very much to Daryl and Alex for joining us for commentary of the finals, it definitely adds some insight into the ideas behind the play.