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B-Com 2.0 coming in early 2019! (Internationals in Barcelona)



We want to start 2019 with a great community organized event for Netrunner in Barcelona - and we need your help to figure out how to make it the best possible one :slight_smile:

We’re at the stage of figuring out budgets/locations/prize support, so we need some information from you. Help us out by taking our initial survey here: https://goo.gl/NLYxGo

Some spoilers we can share right now:

  • up to 64 players
  • 2 day main event - “Snapshot” format, Swiss rounds + top cut
  • 1 day side event - custom “Teamwork” format for 2-player teams (details TBA)
  • fun event(s) (TBA - e.g. Android universe pub quiz with prizes, something not Netrunner related, etc.)
  • custom prize support (TBA)
  • discounted friendly apartments to rent for organized groups (TBA)

We hope you are interested in coming to Barcelona in 2019 for an unforgettable weekend of Netrunner, community, and (hopefully) Mediterranean winter sun :slight_smile:


…I forgot to add - if you have questions/comments/anything else about this event, please use this thread.

We’ve got some useful feedback through the form already and are moving onward with getting the details sorted out on the initial bits & pieces.


WARNING: We’ll be closing the initial survey and going into Stage 2 (Spicy Spoilers!) in October. If you haven’t filled it out yet, go for it - otherwise we may not be taking your needs/opinions into account when scheduling, sorry.


Warning: ONE week to go if you want to influence the scheduling and overall shape of this event :slight_smile:

https://goo.gl/NLYxGo is the thing to click and fill out ASAP if you haven’t done so yet.

Always Be Running!


Thank you for your patience, choombas

We’re doin’ it! Click away for more details: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/1717/barcelona-community-event-b-com-2