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Ban vs restricted philosophy


So far as FFG as a whole goes, I take it as a good sign that Star Wars Destiny has both faster rotation and a smaller-than-standard format. But perhaps I’m overly optimistic.


Please don’t mention SW. blood boiling commence


At least rotation should be faster from here on out, since it should trigger again in 10-ish months? (Kitara, Post-Kitara cycle, and then the first pack in Kitara+2 fires it.) So like January if we don’t have any off months?


yup, we’re essentially on rotations from here on out, right? (assuming we get two cycles per year)


I think that being able to use every single GPI on every single piece of ice during a run makes the deck’s recovery from purge very very quick. You can boost the turtle to a level where even Macrophage (probably its biggest nightmare) is trivial with 1-2 clicks. That’s the main problem with that deck in my opinion. It’s not a trivial thing to fix. The best solution might be to errata GPI to be unique, or to add “this effect may only be used once on each piece of ice during each run”, or by making GPI a once-per-run ability (so you can use all 3 on 1 ice, or each one on 3 different pieces of ice per run) to slow down the building up of virus counters. A more elegant solution might be to make up a general rule that says “each installed card may only be exposed by a single card effect each turn”, which would not only fix GPI, but allow even more expose cards to be printed without making this archetype completely broken.


I do hope they reverse that and allow people who didn’t compete in the regional to join CR events this year. Or, more realistically, Nationals, since even last year there weren’t that many 2-day regionals.


Like this idea. If an exposed card remains in an exposed state until the end of that step, then multiple exposed would trigger, the first would resolve, and the others would fissle.

Multi-expose of a single card feels like a total Gimmick.


It was a side event separate from the main tournament at world’s, wasn’t it?


It was, and it gave out quite a lot of prize tickets for those who were looking to get something from the Prize wall.

I hope we continue to see more rotation, and hopefully see the big boxes rotate as well to continue to free up design space.

I’m not sure if we need to see the card pool shrink from its current size, but I definitely don’t think any cards should be permanent or ‘evergreen’ in the constructed format.


Almost everything you’ve mentioned here is false. Your description of problem archetypes is spot on, but putting the blame on ego players for these cards is just wrong. These problems are almost entirely due to an egotistical developer ignoring the whims of players.

Currently there are attempts to curb said decks, but options for making change here are more limited than the average person realises.


I’m not sure you’re going to reduce the eye-rolls by just banning/restricting things. This claim is made a lot and there is no evidence for it.

In fact, it seems Netrunner has become less popular as there has been more cardpool intervention. Obviously this is just a connection over time and doesn’t prove anything, but it is more evidence than exists for the claim that such intervention makes the game better/more fun/more popular.


Why is it wrong?

Oh I see, that’s what you mean. Well, I’d argue that you have about as much factual basis for your claim as I do mine.

This is the actual text of my original message: “There are a couple of ways to address this, but the most obvious one would be to be more aggressive with the ban and restricted list.” I didn’t say cardpool intervention was the only solution, but only the most obvious. Thanks!


agreed, and to take it a step further, let’s stop beating around the bush and calling them “people”

we have all known these ruthless tournament goers are reptilians for some time. i say we go straight to the source before the next Worlds and smoke them out of their grotto


I think this requires some top-tier Fetal.ai investigative journalism.


That seems like a bad idea. How sure are we that the smoke will incapacitate them? They don’t need to be very awake to use their venom sacs.


This anti-reptile hysteria has gone too far! Look at what Aumakua has reduced us to!


Netrunner is a hard game for new players to learn even ignoring the problems of card pool / rotation and un fun decks. When you teach it to people who have experience with other card games, using just core sets or simple decks, most of them still won’t really like it. It’s just a naturally complex and niche game. There’s no reason to assume anyone is deliberately trying to ruin it.


Also making card games is hard. Mtg has whole teams of people trying to make the game more fun for new players and they don’t always succeed


Then, they print Wu. :slight_smile:

(I agree with your post, just wanted to be a nitpicker there)


Oh so turtles are the “wrong” kind of reptilians, but chameleons are the “right” kind? This is just racism disguised as classism!