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Bands wanted

Attention all Stimhackers,

Today it was brought to my attention that Twitch recently updated their policies and no longer allow the playing of copyrighted music in their streams, and will mute any stream that has such. This sucks. I liked playing music in my streams as a way to add some background noise to an otherwise dead quiet game, and to try to expose my listeneres to some new stuff they may not have heard before.

I am not taking this lying down.

In response to this, I am turning to you, the community, for help. If you have, or know anyone who has a band or is a musician, and would like to pass me along their music, or links to where I can download/play it. I would love to play their stuff on my steam. I will include a text overlay on my steam including their name, website, and any other info they would like. NO GENRE IS OUT OF BOUNDS. I have a very, very wide range of musical tastes, and would like my stream to reflect such.

If you have any questions, post them here or drop me a message. I will not be stifled by the man.

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http://opsound.org has a decent library of music under Creative Commons licenses, including a lot of ambient music that would be very suitable for playing underneath a livestream.

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